Team Owners: Kelly and Sharon Stocklin

For most of his adult life, Kelly Stocklin has been involved in powerboat racing. 2012, Kelly and Sharon Stocklin purchased the G-13, one of the boats built for the G Class automotive series and was approved by H1 to run the boat as an unlimited using a Lycoming T-53 turbine power plant and Bucket List Racing was born. “Among the things on my ‘bucket list’ was to see if I could take this smaller boat and compete on the H1 Unlimited series. We achieved our goals of winning an unlimited heat and turning in a lap of more than 150 mph.”

Kelly Stocklin is a local legend when it comes to boat racing. Stocklin’s racing resume dates back to 1974 and includes decades of competition in the major flat bottom classes, super stock, pro stock and pro comp. He was a long-time record holder in the pro stock category, part of the team that has set multiple runabout records in all classes. Kelly has been instrumental in the evolution and implementation of driver safety capsules in these classes.

In 1980, Kelly joined Squire Shop’s U-2 unlimited team as crew member for four years. Shortly thereafter, he joined Ron Brown as an outside vendor on Budweiser’s first turbine attempt (T-1) while working in the nuclear energy field.

In 1997, Dave Villwock took over the Budweiser team and asked Kelly to join in starting a long-term, in-house propeller manufacturing project which ultimately produced the world’s fastest and most durable propellers. Today, Kelly and Dave continue to make the world’s fastest propellers.
In the early 1990’s, Stocklin’s first experience in the cockpit of a hydroplane came in the 7-liter class. He was an early participant in the Unlimited Light Class and long-time driver of Thunder Valley Racing’s supercharged UL.

At age 61, when most have retired, Kelly Stocklin started his driving career in the Unlimited class and was named the 2012 H1 Unlimited Rookie of the Year. Having accomplished that bucket list item, he is happy to have handed over driving responsibilities to Dustin Echols. Kelly manufactures the team’s gear boxes and drive shafts, and continues to supply propellers for Bucket List Racing and other H1 race teams.

Kelly and Sharon Stocklin purchased a Lycoming T55 powered hydroplane from Go Fast Turn Left Racing in 2020 and are looking forward to racing the U-40 this summer. “This project is a lot of work, but we have a great team.” Since acquiring the U-40 hull, Kelly has spent every day building parts to make the boat into a serious contender. If hard work equals success, Miss Beacon Plumbing should be a major force on the H1 Unlimited circuit in 2021.